Digger Joins Choral Workshop as “Lead Velociraptor”

Digger steps out of his comfort zone to join a free queer choral workshop series with Holcombe Waller at Grace Cathedral. Friendly participants politely tolerate his cawing.

Two steps out of my comfort zone. First, in a cathedral. Last time I attempted to enter a cathedral I got struck by lightening as I touched the door handle. Second step out of my comfort zone: singing. It’s out of my comfort zone to sing in private, let alone in public. Plants have instantly wilted at the sound of my voice.
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Happy Daddy “Chickpea” Brian Busta TELLS ALL!

In my very first vlog, the Community Grand Marshall of SF Pride 2018 and Creative Director of Comfort & Joy TELLS ALL! Brian Busta aka Chickpea, shares herstory and herrecipe to happiness. Enjoy!

In the ‘Happy Daddy’ series, Digger meets with folks who’ve lived to share their unique recipes for happiness.

Body Pride

Pride Month has this Digger pondering all kinds of pride. I’ve discovered that we can have body pride and still pursue healthy body change.

Confessions of a skinny teenage twinkadink

When I was growing up, beefy muscle was IN, and I was teased as the ‘skinny fag,’ There is a common misconception that teasing for being underweight is flattery but teasing for being overweight is inappropriate. Let’s be real – words have power and can lead to body shame in all sorts of directions.
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