Body Pride

Pride Month has this Digger pondering all kinds of pride. I’ve discovered that we can have body pride and still pursue healthy body change.

Confessions of a skinny teenage twinkadink

When I was growing up, beefy muscle was IN, and I was teased as the ‘skinny fag,’ There is a common misconception that teasing for being underweight is flattery but teasing for being overweight is inappropriate. Let’s be real – words have power and can lead to body shame in all sorts of directions.
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This Orientation Is More Than Sexual

I was filling out some form the other day when I came across the field for ‘sexual orientation.’ I thought: where does this term come from? I’m attracted to men for much more than just sex. Heard of romance? emotional support? love? My “sexual orientation” is usually actually “oriented into a dude’s ass.” Where’s the tick box for that?
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