Queers Rule! At QUEERiCULUM

06 May 2018 – It was a chilly but sunny San Francisco early May Sunday. Through a small doorway adjacent to a ex-church, now roller-disco was a modest entry. One I’d probably pass unnoticed if it weren’t a portal to another dimension on this day.

Through this dimension the queers took over school. They bedazzled traditional subjects like “physical education” to ‘Hippity Hoopla hooping class’ and ‘Butt Stuff’ (more like: ‘Stuff That Butt (with a Fist).’) They replaced Social science with ‘Rope Bondage Basics’, ’Tantric Foreplay’, and ‘Bringing Your Heart to Hookups’. No Home Economics, yes ‘Queer Credit Clinic’ and ‘Making Money off Your Queer Magic!’. Art class was upgraded to ‘Queer Erotic Figure Drawing’ and ‘HomoHackery: Put a Light On It’.

Headmaster Digger & Mother Joseph @ QUEERiCULUM. Photo by Dot.

Learn – Share – Create – Connect

These were just some of the fun, educational offerings of the fifth rendition of Queericulum at the Center SF – a cosy little venue with three lovely, spacious, comfortable rooms. The incredible queer Burning Man camps Comfort & Joy, GenderBlender, and Camp Beaverton teamed up for this diverse set of offerings.

For full disclosure: I am the Headmaster of this queerskool (and yes, I do relish that title), inspired for this event Comfort & Joy’s playa offerings. But truly all credit goes to the generous playshop leaders, the volunteers, and the camps that support it. It’s their generous work and talents and wisdom that bring this event to life.

Hands up, who loves QUEERiCULUM? Photo by Dot.

With about 15 different playshops happening throughout the day, there was a wide range of offerings and subjects. This is a sober space for people to connect in a cerebral, heartfelt, artistic, and (sometimes) even an erotic way. This is a space to share our wisdom and connect. And it includes the added bonus of motivating and empowering people to realize their ability to teach others. The day finished with a cosy community dinner. The $25 to access workshops all day is a ridiculous bargain these days.

Queericulum was great day of learning and laughing with a community and making quality connections along the way. Highly recommended.

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