Bottom Pride: Courtesy Bottom Turns 10!

Bottom Pride

As we reach the end of Pride Month on this 10 year anniversary since “Puddles, the Courtesy Bottom” was born (literally, from my ass), Digger reflects on Bottom Pride…

Bottom shaming is still standard comic du rigueur, even amongst otherwise enlightened homosexuals. “Oh, she’s a big ole bottom” and similar comments are common quips intended to spark laughs because it overlies the underlying assumption that bottoms are to be laughed at. Why are we hurling homophobia at each other? It’s long time for  BOTTOM PRIDE.

I am grateful to be in a community that has moved past bottom-shaming into Bottom Pride. Yet, I also realize that others could use our good influence.

Some cultures bear homophobia exclusively down upon bottoms and some don’t even consider tops to be homosexual at all. Some tops perpetuate the hate by shaming the bottoms they love to fvck. Much like some straight men treat women, I guess.

How can a functional loving relationship between a top and a bottom exist with such homophobia between partners? Is this yet another example of ‘divide and conquer’ to keep us divided so that we won’t unite, both tops and bottoms, to fight the homophobic forces that oppress us?

Ten years ago, just before Pride, I was inspired by various events: the Burning Man theme of ’08 (‘The American Dream’), contemporary politics, and bottom shame. Literally from my ass, I created ‘Puddles, The Courtesy Bottom.’ A bottom super hero (played by my buttocks) fighting bottom shame and republican political dynasties. Toilet humor + political humor = The Butthole Puppet Players.

Puddles, The Courtesy Bottom

The show tackled how the ‘American Dream,’ is fueled by sticking it other countries. Hence, it was aptly titled “The American Ream.” Even just the intro pages of the Lonely Planet through central & South America, will describe the various ways that our government has historically manipulated other countries at their cost to our benefit. You won’t find these truths in our history books.

We performed shows at Burning Man and in San Francisco, butt debuted at Comfort & Joy’s Afterglow Pride party. At that time, the dancefloor was literally someone’s living room. How it has grown since then! (Not my buttocks, but the Afterglow party)

The Butthole Puppet Players Present: The American Ream

The audience was packed like sardines to watch George Bush (a real ass) and Dick Cheney (played by junk of the same label) spew their republican rhetoric. Symbolic of the real GWB, the president ass-puppet farted out his favorite buzzwords du jour: “Freedom!”, “Democracy!”, “Terrorists!” Dick did most of the talking – he was really in charge anyways.

In the first 5 minutes, they spewed their verbal diarrhea, ate a cookie, shot George in the face, and literally wiped ass with the Bill of Rights – just as their counterparts had done in real life. Then Puddles arrived singing, queefing, dancing, and prancing some glittery pink bottom pride. He gave these two ass-puppets a right good reading and saved the world by banishing them to his vacuous ass. All wrapped up with an audience sing-along, of course.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Puddles. Unfortunately his mission has yet to be fully accomplished. I’m sure we’d all love for him to flush the current crappy regime. It is important to remember that it is homophobia that we perpetuate when we laugh at and shame bottoms. That homophobia affects us all, even the tops. I’d love to see people calling out bottom shaming: “You say it like it’s a bad thing. I love bottoms very much, thank you!” Let’s treat them with respect and embrace Bottom Pride.

How will you support Bottom Pride?

Enjoy the show…

2 thoughts on “Bottom Pride: Courtesy Bottom Turns 10!”

  1. Hilarious! I really miss performance-based activism like Puddles. The skit covers so many relevant issues of that presidency and beyond. I wish more people would engage in creative protest these days. Kudos to you and the rest of the cast!

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