A Fanfare Blog Launch. A Fantastic Tribe.


This Digger is still aglow from a fabulous blog launch party. After months of preparation I gathered my amazing community on June 1st, 2018. This first day of Pride month made for an auspicious day to announce this blog. The fabulous Bernadette Bohan generously hosted at her super groovy art studio in the mission, The Box Factory.

Enticed with delightful company, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and the touted mystery reveal of “an exciting new project I’ve been working on,” this large art studio filled with the exceptional eccentrics of our tribe – artists,  thinkers, community organizers, healers, friends, and lovers.

Thank you, wonderful community

So much gratitude for the support in creating this event from Phareon, Frisk, and JellyBoom who added culinary delights to Giggles, Marisa, and Bernadette helping with set up, and spontaneous helping hands during and after the event. Forty or so attendees caught up, laughed, giggled, and toasted Pride month. Most had arrived in time for my 8pm announcement. What a blessing to get to reveal this new effort to such a fantastic and supportive bunch. “Any guesses as to what this is all about?” I asked the audience. Responses included wild speculations such as a gender identity reveal or a move to Oakland.

Fabulous Bernadette & Digger, Phareon cooking deliciousness.

I then expressed my gratitude for our tribe. What we have is so rare – radical acceptance of each others’ unique and fabulous freakiness where shame is rare. This is a queer tribe where we can still feel included and valued as we age. Such a stark contrast to a mainstream culture infected with shame and ageism.

Without a drum roll, I unveiled this blog and explained the goal to share these values with the world. To become a bounty of information and entertainment that helps other gay men thrive, find happiness and authentic connection in this crazy world. To reach out across the internet fostering learning, growing, and connecting. Content will include community, social, and self-development events and resources. I also want to explore healthy ways of thinking, behaving, and nurturing healthy attitudes and relationships with ourselves and others. This will include life practices that foster growth, love, connection, and acceptance.

Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. – Helen Keller
Digger, Brendan, Christina

I am honored to have a strong community full of mutual love and support. My efforts and luck finding this tribe and contributing to its cultivation have produced bountiful joy. We evolved within tribes so it makes sense that we need tribal belonging. And yet our material- and individual-focused culture leaves many people disconnected and unhappy. Cultivating a healthy tribe of love, support, and belonging cultivates our own sense of fulfillment.

We live in a time where technology can both divide us and bring us together. Excitingly, it includes tools such as www.meetup.com that can help us connect to our niche. Once our basic needs for living are met, it’s our relationships with other people that have the biggest impact on our happiness. The work it takes to find and create community that truly supports and embraces you, whoever you are, is more than worth the effort.

If you feel called to sharing happiness with others, why don’t you share this post?

Digger, Adam, & Eli

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